When we think of our favorite super heroes one of the first things that come to mind is their costume. Spider-Man has the Spidey Suit colored with vibrant reds and blues. Batman clad in his dark grays and blacks, only showing you the whites of his eyes and gritting teeth. Or there's one of my favorites, Dante from Devil May Cry. This man is sporting a long red trench coat and chaps, boots that are made for walking and kicking monsters in the face, and more leather and buckles than horse stable. Point is, our favorite heroes dress fly as hell and with my obsession in all things nerdy, I've done what any sensible nerd would do. I bought a whole bunch of hoodies and jackets from my favorite franchise. So, here's my haul of all the jackets I have in my closet. I've provided the links to any and all that are available so you can pick some up yourself. #NotSponsored. #ButFeelFreeToSponsorMe


Website: Wish.com | https://bit.ly/38STWAI

Size: XXL | Rating: 5/5

I won't lie. I had every belief that buying anything from Wish was guaranteed to be made out of wet paper towels or plastic. But after watching enough YouTube videos on items bought from Wish and seeing that the risk factor went from 9 on the "This Is Gonna Be Trash" scale to a 4, I took the risk. I was so glad that I did. The One Punch Man OPPAI Hoodie is easily one of my favorite hoodies I have ever bought. It's super soft both inside and out. The description says it is made out of cotton. Doesn't say how much cotton or if it mixed with anything else. There isn't a tag in the hoodie to show either. However I can say after being washed and dried a dozen or so times, it hasn't shrunk , the colors haven't faded, and the Oppai wording hasn't faded/broken up either. There isn't a sizing chart, so I read the comments to get an idea of what size to order. I'm normally a large, and based off of the comments I ordered two sizes up and it fit great. Even with my Serious Saitama shoulders. I love this hoodie and can give it 👊👊👊👊👊 Serious Punches out of 5.


Website: Merchoid.com

Size: XL | Rating: 5/5

When we say X-Men, what's the first thing you think of? If you said the YouTube video 'Professor X Is A Wimp', you're a terrible person. But that's okay because I thought of the same thing. If you're not Mr. Sinister, chances are you thought of the most famous X-Men there is; Wolverine. His iconic blue, yellow, and black uniform is recognized worldwide and when you put on this jacket, you too can stick out in a crowd when the Sentinels attack.

The Wolverine Jacket is light. If you read my Black Panther Jacket review from Merchoid, it's similar to that. It's perfect for a nice spring or summer day. The jacket is made out of 100% Polyester. It has a zipper on the arm just big enough for you to keep a few bills or sand to throw in Cyclops's eyes. I really like this jacket and usually pair it with some blue jeans and sneakers. Unfortunately it looks like it is no longer on Mechoid.com but hopefully they'll bring it back soon. Rumor has it with the MCU acquiring the X-Men, we might actually see the X-Men in their respectful attire. #90'sX-Men

Or maybe we can just get Ryan Reynolds to bully Hugh Jackman into wearing the uniform for kicks and giggles.


Website: Merchoid.com

Size: L | Rating: 5/5

Vault 111 is located overlooking Sanctuary Hills, Massachusetts. By mandate, it must stay sealed for 180 days and must wait for the 'All Clear' signal. However, they received no signal and it wasn't until the year 2227 before someone entered the facility and another 200+ years before the Sole Survivor managed to leave the facility. Lucky for you, you don't have to wait a bazillion years to look this dope.

This is another jacket from Merchoid that is unfortunately unavailable. However they do have two other Fallout related jackets that can be located here and here. As for the hat, I found that at some store here in my city. I'm sure you can find one at Hot Topic or any of those similar stores. The Vault 111 Jacket is a bit thicker than the previous jackets I've talked about. It's made of 50% cotton, 50% Polyester, so it's definitely warmer. I normally wear this on cooler days or buildings that I know run cold.

The Vault 111 Jacket protects me from low temperatures and the occasional flying bug. However when it is against the more aggressive mutants or radioactive insects, I might need something a little tougher... LIKE THE ARMOR OF GOD! AIN'T NO WAY I'M SURVIVING SOME FALLOUT APOCALYPSE. HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THOSE ROACHES!?


Website: Bioware.com (No Longer Available)

Size: L / M | Rating: 5/5

The strength of a warrior knows no bounds. That power can be made here on Earth or extend its reach to the edge of the universe. The Inquisitor led the charge to restore order when chaos erupted from the people of Thedas. The Pathfinder guided the people as the "tip of the spear" to find a new home. Both overcame the struggle and showed the strength of Leaders. Fortunately for us we don't have to fight monsters and aliens to wear gear as fly as them.

Starting with the Dragon Age Inquisitor Armor Jacket, I think I've worn this one the most. There's something about the fit that makes it feels so perfect. That's not including the fact when I look down I see that sick color scheme, awesome chain mail design, and feel the symbol of the Inquisition on my chest. The jacket is made out of 100% Polyester and allows the flexibility needed to smash a few spell casters' heads if need be.

Jumping a few thousand years into the future, we have the Pathfinder Bomber Jacket and Hat. This light jacket is perfect on a spring or summer day. It's flexible and breathes in all the right areas. It's a bit tight around my shoulders, but I have Krogan shoulders, so that doesn't really count. Overall I really like the jacket and as long as I don't decide to go all "FOR TUCHANKA!!" I'm good.


Website: DrunkMunk.com | Merchoid.com

Shirt: https://bit.ly/2xEDGXj | Hat: https://bit.ly/2QeHfcY

Size: L/L/OSFM | Rating: 5/5

Imagine it's 1997. You've just graduated from Police Academy and you're on your way to your first day on the job. You pull over for gas right outside of town and see the gas station has fallen victim to some hellish nightmare. People walk around like a horrible 80's monster flick. Zombies, you think. Little do you know this is just the beginning and you just became the main player in the worst game of chess of your life.

Whoo! You got a wild imagination. And while you were off daydreaming, I went and got suited up.

Starting with the Resident Evil R.P.D. Jacket, this comes from our guys over at DrunkMunk. Currently at the time of writing this they are in the process of releasing their phase five jacket collection so unfortunately this version of the jacket is not available. However I'm sure when the site relaunches, they'll have one similar for purchase. With that said, allow me to describe the hoodie.

The material is made out of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. The jacket I selected was called the 'Stormshell'. It feels like it is water resistant and thick enough for a cooler day. Basically what I'm saying is when you're standing outside the police station on a stormy night and you're trying to find a way inside before the walking dead gets close enough to have a midnight snack; this jacket has got you covered.

Speaking of having you covered, your head needs to be covered too. Why not rep the Police Station that gives you the biggest headache because it doubles as the world's worst fun house. What? You mean to tell me not all police stations have 20 puzzles that no one in their right mind would ever think of and don't sit on top of a bazillion dollar lab that creates monsters. Are you sure you work for the police?

Merchoid's R.P.D. hat is a great hat and might be the one I wear the most. The quality is solid and has an adjustable strap in the back for those with heads like Mr. X. The patch is embroidered on the front and honestly goes great with the R.P.D. Police Shirt.

Merchoid calls the shirt the 'Team Building Exercise RPD Pocket T-Shirt'. Which, sounds about right. What better way to build a team than to leave cryptic riddles through the station as you're trying to solve a puzzle before a giant mutant man tries to knock you into next week. Or maybe it's a shirt they wear in police the academy.

My favorite part about the shirt is the R.P.D. is the embroidered badge on the pocket. Another part of the shirt that is cool is that on the back of the shirt it says R.P.D. in big white letters inside of a shield.

Overall, I enjoy each one of these items and all have withstood being washed or cleaned without any problems. I don't think however they can withstand being bitten or having some mutated doctor slash it with his massive claws.


Website: DrunkMunk.com

Size: L | Rating: 5/5

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might beware, my power-- OF THESE GREEN LANTERN HANDS!!"

Coming in with another Stormshell jacket from DrunkMunk is the Green Lantern design. The design comes from one of the newer members of the Lantern Corps, Simon Baz. As far as the quality it is the same material and quality of the R.P.D. Jacket. I hope that when the site relaunches they throw up another Lantern design or bring this one back. It's really cool that they picked a design from a character that doesn't get as much light. Double points for Simon being one of my favorites.

"I must be the stupidest idiot in the whole universe. I got no ring. My partner is down. My new team is gone. Volthoom can crush me like a grape. You bet I'm scared. Good thing there's a Green Lantern power that doesn't require a ring. The ability to overcome fear. But it's like I told you...I never give up. Never quit. Never learned how." — Simon Baz, Green Lantern


Website: Store.Ubi.com

Size: L | Rating: 5/5

For those familiar with the Assassin's Creed series will be familiar with the 2017 release of Assassin's Creed: Origins. The story takes place in Egypt, long before the assassin guild was created. The story of a Medjay named Bayek who seeks revenge on those that murdered his son. While this game is not my favorite installment in the series as far as story, the world itself I think was done really well. Including character design, which is why I wanted to get this hoodie.

Ubisoft did a great job in the quality department. The hoodie is a little thick and is made out of 100% polyester. It is super soft on both outside and inside, especially the hood. I'd most likely wear it on days that are somewhere in the 40's-50's outside. Honestly I don't wear this jacket much, but it's only because it's so nice and I'm afraid to ruin it. I wear it mostly on special occasions or if I want to feel important. What can feel more important than feeling like a special team of elite officers that act as a protector of the people. I should start wearing it when I take my kids out and act as their personal bodyguard. "Excuse me. Make way for her majesty." Accent and all.

CTOS 2.0

Website: Store.Ubi.com

Size: L/L/OSFM | Rating: 4/5

Now this is hands down my all time favorite jacket and has the most personal meaning to me. Introducing the Marcus Holloway jacket from Watch_Dogs 2. I was so excited for this game to come out and when I saw Holloway's jacket, I knew I had to buy it. The reason this entire outfit has so much meaning for me is that it was my first cosplay I had ever done. I went to Chicago's C2E2 in 2018 dressed as two different characters. Marcus Holloway and Matt Fraction's Hawkeye. I had a blast and will always remember that weekend.

With all of that said, this jacket is almost perfect. It is made out of 100% polyester and is thick enough to withstand some of that harsh Chicago wind. It's comfortable and fits my wide shoulders almost perfectly. It's even reversible, so you can wear the vibrant yellow side that is patterned with the DEDSEC skull throughout. The only problem I have is the pocket location. And yes while I understand it is a replica of the original design, I still think that was a terrible choice.

The pockets face the FRONT of the jacket. How on earth am I suppose to put my hands in my pockets!? I CAN'T!! And I constantly forget this and get mad every time I go to put my hands in my pocket and they slide along the side of the jacket. This is the only flaw I have with this jacket. It doesn't take away my love for it and it too has become one of my special occasion jackets. But if I'm being honest, if I decide to wear the jacket, in most cases I'm wearing the entire outfit. So lowkey, I'm cosplaying on a casual level.

"It's a switch on your fears, fear of the other. They try to isolate you. It's called divide and conquer, and they tricked you into thinking it's what you asked for. You said with one voice: We will not be lied to. We will not be afraid. We will not be silent." — Marcus Holloway


Website: Store.Ubi.com

Size: L | Rating: 3.5/5

I'm going to be 100% honest. I don't exactly remember why I bought this vest/jacket. I believe Ubisoft had a particular deal going on that I needed to hit a specific dollar amount on and I decided to throw this Assassin's Creed Urban Jacket on to hit that limit. With that said, it's actually a pretty dope jacket/vest.

The puffy jacket it made out of 100% nylon and the sleeves (not shown in the photo) are made out of 100% polyester. The jacket is super light and would be great for weather in the 50's-60's. I've worn this mainly as a vest for when I'm working out or jogging. My only issue with the jacket is putting the sleeves back on. Once they come off it becomes a hit and missing getting them back on. For me they constantly get caught on the jacket and with my heavy hands I try to be super careful to not rip the jacket or break the zippers. So usually if I take them off, they stay off. Outside of that it's a cool vest and I'm glad I picked it up.


That's it ladies and gents. This has been my entire jacket haul. I'm sorry if the jacket you are interested in is no longer available. Hopefully some of the sites will be restocking some of them. And if not, feel free to send them this article and tell them, 'YO! I WANT THIS BACK IN STOCK BRUV!' I'm kidding. Please don't message companies requesting items like that. Please do it respectfully.

For future jacket reviews, with what's going on in the world, I don't know how many other jackets I'll be picking up. Just before everything started shutting down I managed to order two new jackets from Insertcoin.com and one from JustSayian.co. They came in about a week ago so hopefully I'll be able to get those reviews out next month. As for the JustSaiyan jacket, I'll be keeping you updated. It appears they are still taking orders, so here's hoping.

Maybe I'll do a haul of my backpacks/bags that I've collected. Let me know if that's something you guys would be interested in seeing.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Sorry it took so long to get this month's article up. Your boy caught the C-Virus and I'm still recovering. I was just blessed my case wasn't as bad as other cases out there. If you or someone you love has caught the virus, my prayers are with you.

Everyone out there be safe, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and take care of yourself. See ya nerds!!


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