Sup nerds! A lot has happened since the last update. I caught the T-Virus from Umbrella Corp at least twice, got into a fight with Psycho Mantis, and I twisted my ankle. So if you can’t tell, I’ve had a few health complications for the last few months, so all my plans went up in flames. However I’m back good as new. That’s a lie. I’m back good as Lee and Carter after being tied up, shot at, and almost blown to smithereens. Or Chris Redfield at the end of any mission. So C rank. Maybe B rank. Anyway, let’s get to the update.


This month I’m getting back to the reviews, but first, I feel it’s time I finally show off my collection of jackets. Think of them as quick reviews. The ones that you’re able to pick up for yourself, I’ll be sure to link them. And if everything goes accordingly this month, I might even be able to get out a new article I’ve been working on. Hint: It’s about one of the greatest fighting games ever made.

I bet you’re wondering about the new tab on the site. Stay tuned. New Game EX Fitness coming soon.


This is the month for updates! The Division 2 just released their new update and expansions as of March 3rd. I plan on playing and getting some videos out on the Warlords of New York expansion this month. The second game and update I’m looking forward to is State of Decay 2’s expansion. The Juggernaut Expansion came out Friday March 13th (I can hear Jason’s music playing now). I love both SOD2 and cannot wait to see what the new overhaul update does.

That’s it for this month’s update guys. Thanks for hanging through the radio silence. I’ll do my best not to go all vanish like the Boo Brothers on you. Be sure to follow NerdNetwork on Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to us on YouTube. Big things are coming. See ya nerds!!


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