Sup nerds! May came in swinging, and fast. Before I knew it, more than half the month was already up. A lot has happened in the last month so let’s break things down. WEBSITE: Let’s start with updates to the website, starting with the newest tab edition, HEALTH. In the last month I became certified as a Personal Trainer and currently at the time of writing this, I’m in the process of obtaining my Strength and Conditioning certification and Sports Nutrition certification. For the past two years I’ve immersed myself into the world of whole body health and I want to share what I’ve learned to all of you. Introducing: NerdNetwork Health. We Talk About Healthy Things, In A Nerdy Way. NerdNetwork Health takes the intimidating world that is personal health and fitness, and boils it down to a point that makes it easy, comfortable to understand, and perform. And for us, it’s all themed around Nerd Culture. Stay tuned to find out more such as meal plans, exercises, and mental health exercises to help better your life as a whole. PODCAST: The NerdNetwork Podcast has returned, but not in the way you were thinking. Don’t worry, the main podcast will be making its return soon. The new podcast series is called FAKE NEWS: A ROLEPLAY PODCAST. For those unfamiliar with what Roleplay is, think of it as a Text Based MMO. You either create a new character or use an already existing character. In my example, J Jonah Jameson from the Spider-Man comic series. Then I decide what website I want to play on, in this case I selected After making the account and finding the verse I want to participate in, I write up a small story, send it to someone, they reply, and the cycle continues. It is a game I’ve been playing for the last 10+ years, so I decided to create a podcast on it. Fake News starts out with an in character portion where JJ interviews someone from his world. In most cases, a superhero of some kind. Afterwards we move to an out of character interview with the writer of the character from the website and we talk about roleplay. In this series specifically, it is heavily focused on the Comic Verse. Currently the podcast is up on YouTube but I’ll soon be releasing the episodes Spreaker, iTunes, and wherever podcasts are listened to. I’ll also be adding a Podcast tab on the site soon to make it easier to find episodes. DISCUSSIONS & REVIEWS: Discussion videos and articles will be coming back this June. I’ve been gathering a lot of footage and planning out these topics. I personally think they’ll be great discussions to have, so stay tuned. For Jacket or clothing reviews, they’ve been a bit slow. With how things are today, buying or even receiving items has been a bit limited. I am still waiting on my jacket from but as soon as I get it in, you guys will be the first to know. That’s the update for May. Sorry it’s late. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for NerdNetwork Health and if you’re interested in listening about the world of Roleplay in the comic verse, I’ll drop the link for Fake News: A Roleplay Podcast here in the update. Thanks again guys for reading. See ya nerds!!