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Do you remember what it was like to play your favorite video game from the good ol’ days? What it felt like to traverse uncharted lands, slay never before seen monsters. We accomplished things that had never been done before and as we see today, it paved the way for future of gaming. It’s starting to feel like that's what this new wave of indie games is bringing back. Sup Nerds it’s Brandon and today I wanna talk about the new wave of indie games.

It’s no secret that the AAA market is a bit oversaturated with runners, gunners, and looters. Let’s face it, sometimes we like taking a break from the latest AAA game, so we look for something that’s a little bit… different. And finding that good something is like finding a diamond in a haystack. Sometimes we browse the digital stores until something looks interesting enough to take a crack at it. Other times we look to YouTubers or Streamers to guide us. Or sometimes we go with the word on the street. No matter how we find the next game, when we find a good one, we’re hooked.

I’ve noticed that the games that have been hooking us are hitting two fields of gaming. What once was and what will be.



We as people in this society are suckers for nostalgia. Legit, we’re suckers. Netflix releases our favorite old TV show for streaming? Watching it. Disney re-releasing the Lion King or Beauty and the Beast to the movie theaters? Buying a ticket. Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and 2Pac’s Hologram got a concert? Front row seats. That doesn’t change even when it comes to video games. Both the NES Classic and the SNES Classic have sold over ten million units as of September 30th, 2018. If it comes from our childhood or what we call, “the good ol’ days.” we want it. Which is what I feel the new developers are targeting. And they’re hitting their mark.

Games like these hit that old retro feeling right in the heart. And yet, they bring that modern twist. They are hitting it from the design and style to music, story, and challenge. The games grab you and bring you in. It sinks its talons into your memories and won't let go. And the these games are good at it. Real good. They have the ability to take your old memories out of the chest and start adding new ones. It’s kinda like, buying your childhood home and before moving in, you walk through its halls. Memories begin to come to life as you enter each one of the rooms. You can hear old laughs, see old smiles, and allow those old experiences to fill you up one last time. Then your new family comes running in and the new memories begin.

I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. Like I said, sucker for nostalgia.



There’s no question that the modern game today is akin to Motion Picture Blockbusters. Look at games like Red Dead 2, Final Fantasy XV, and Uncharted 4 for example. On the other side of the coin is what the indie developer brings. Those same kids who played these old and retro games and had a giant imagination are now bringing them to life. These games show us what it’s like for small teams of developers to show us what they're made of. What it can look like if there isn’t “the Man” standing there behind them with a cigar in his mouth hounding the team. “Does it have microtransactions? Let’s make a season pass. Make it an open world. And GET ME PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN!

I love playing these games. They give me that give me that rich experience and glimpse into the future of gaming. When I find an indie game that does this, it reassures me that there are developers in the gaming world that respect the craft. At times I think some AAA publishers and/or developers forget about the art, and only look at the dollars. Yes, they are a business and need to make money. However history has shown us, if the product is good people will buy it. I’d love to see if some of these indie developers were given a bigger budget and told, “Alright guys, what else do you got?” what they would conjure up.


Indie games have a life of their own. A life that brings a small team’s imagination and goal to the small screen. Be it the modern retro styled game or the new age styled game. These games are getting better and better. With the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch’s library growing by the day, the audience for the market will only be greater. And now with the next gen consoles only a few years away; I can't wait to see things taken to the next level.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what's your favorite indie game is and why. Also tell me what indie game you're most looking forward to down in the comment section below. Thanks for reading again and feel free to check out some of our other articles on the page. See ya Nerds.


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